How Canker Sores Annoy Us

Published: 07th February 2012
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A canker sore is a painful and annoying open oral lesion affecting the inner surfaces of the mouth. Canker Sores can look white or yellow with a red border. These swelling sores are also known as aphthous stomatitis. Although they are not a serious condition, sometimes, if the infection continues to grow worse, swelling and even a fever could occur. Canker sores should be monitored and if the sore is persistent and does not seem to get better it is best to see a doctor.

Small canker sores are most common; however there are many cases of swollen canker sores that reach beyond 2cm. When the mucous membrane is broken, canker sores will often appear. The areas where you will most likely see a canker sore are on your inner lip and possibly your gums and tongue. There are many different home remedies for canker sores.

Canker sores are a very minor condition and it is estimated that as many as 1 in 5 people around the globe experience them quite frequently. Canker sores are passed down through a person’s genetics. Many people ask the question “Are canker sores contagious?” Although they are passed on through genes canker sores are not contagious. Canker sores cannot be passed on from person to person like cold sores. In fact other than being painful and extremely annoying canker sores and cold sores are extremely different oral lesions.

A swollen canker sore can frequently be the cause of pain and trouble while eating food and talking. More significantly, since a canker sore is an open lesion, various foods and drinks may aggravate the open wound and cause immense amounts of pain. An example of an acidic drink is orange juice. This is a beverage which should not even be touched while recovering from a canker sore.

A canker sore can easily be treated and those suffering from an apthuous ulcer should not be seriously concerned. What causes canker sores is still a mystery. There is a lot of evidence that suggests that there are countless reasons why a person gets a canker sore. Reasons can range from stress, lack of vitamins to persons hormones. A person who regularly gets canker sores should pay attention to what kinds of foods they ingest.

Certain chemicals in toothpastes have also been linked to causing these annoying oral lesions. The specific ingredient in toothpaste that is known to cause aphthous ulcers is SLS or sodium lauryl sulphate. SLS is responsible for the foaming of toothpaste when brushing teeth. SLS, depending on the individual may cause dryness in the mouth which may lead to a canker sore.

Canker Sores may occur when there are big changes in the body, including pregnancy or menstruation. More frequent occurrences of canker sores often takes place during pubescence. A more common cause of a canker sore, however, is basic trauma to the mouth. Often canker sores will become worse because the sufferer is not careful around the sore. Often when further damage is done the sore can get horrible infected and become larger. In some cases a canker sore may cause a fever. In this case it is best to see a physician.

In most cases canker sores are quite small and minor. There are some cases where canker sores can swell and cause a fever. Always see your health care professional when a canker sore is out of the ordinary. Reading about what a canker sore actually is should be the first step in combating these pesky mouth sores. There is a lot of information available on how to get rid of canker sores and the best remedies that can be used to treat them.

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